afm consulting engages in various social and developmental projects in order to improve society and support those that require assistance. Thus far, these projects have included:

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Pupil Parliament

Supporting East 1 Schools Partnership, UK in their participation in Pupil Parliament. Pupil Parliament is an event that gives young people in schools the opportunity to discuss issues that are of concern to them. The Pupil Parliament discusses the Environment, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour and Poverty and Homelessness. The pupils have the opportunity to ask a panel of experts questions about the topics and receive advice on how they can work towards alleviating these problems. The pupils then work in groups with pupils from other schools and discuss the panels’ advice. Based on this advice they develop an action plan for the East 1 Schools Partnership to be worked on in the next academic year.

Proyecto Ak’Tenamit

Advising on the coordination and delivery of a Ministry of Education program “Eduquemos a la Nina”, in the Rio Dulce region of Guatemala. The program is designed to improve the literacy rate amonst indigenous Mayan Indian women.

Since 1992 Ak’ Tenamit has been working to educate Mayan indigenous youth to help them recapture the traditional knowledge that was lost during the armed conflict that lasted from 1960 to 1996 and to help to pull communities out of abject poverty through education and vocational training.


Educare Trust

Advising on the launch and development of the project entitled “Fighting the Education War”, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Educare Trust is an Education and Health non-governmental organization based in Ibadan, Nigeria with outreaches in several other parts of the country. It was formed on October 20, 1994 and has a Youth Centre visited by several youth on a regular basis.


Youth for a Change

Advising on a programme entitled “Youth for a Change”. Youth for a Change is a skills training, capacity building and job creation programme designed to benefit youths in selected areas of the Niger Delta.



Advising and collaborating with Pan African Strategic and Policy Research Group (PANAFSTRAG).

PANAFSTRAG is a non-partisan, global, African, action-oriented research and policy development, non-governmental organisation founded in 1992 to provide an in-depth study and analyses of the challenges of history and culture as a foundation for human security and development in Africa and to propose policy alternatives and strategies for stability and development of Africa in synergy with Africans in diaspora.