afm consulting advises clients on and documents various types of commercial contracts, alternative finance products, developmental projects and digital media.

Commercial Contracts

  • advising on and drafting various types of commercial contracts, general banking and ancillary documents including, joint venture agreements, corporate authorities, letters of credit, guarantees, security documents, due diligence reports and various facilities agreements.

Alternative Finance

  • advising on and documenting various types of alternative finance transactions including Alternative Investment Bonds, Lease financings, Joint venture financings, Partnership financing and Cost-plus financing transactions for a wide variety of institutions.
  • liaising with the relevant authorities and committees in order to ensure that the relevant approvals are attained.
  • We have a close working relationship with many scholars considered experts in the fields of commercial ethical jurisprudence and finance.
  • advising on governance issues from an alternative finance perspective, and advising clients on the establishment of supervisory boards.

Developmental Projects

  • Providing consultancy services on developmental projects (media, drama, grass-roots projects, research, case studies, reports, presentations, etc)

Digital Marketing

We advise our clients on how to position themselves in order to expand their presence in a market or enter into a new market. this includes advising on social media, brand identity, marketing development, strategy and implementation.