Pupil Parliament

Supporting East 1 Schools Partnership, UK in their participation in Pupil Parliament. Pupil Parliament is an event that gives young people in schools the opportunity to discuss issues that are of concern to them. The Pupil Parliament discusses the Environment, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour and Poverty and Homelessness. The pupils have the opportunity to ask a panel of experts questions about the topics and receive advice on how they can work towards alleviating these problems. The pupils then work in groups with pupils from other schools and discuss the panels’ advice. Based on this advice they develop an action plan for the East 1 Schools Partnership to be worked on in the next academic year.

Barclays Global Investors

Advising Barclays Global Investors on the establishment of three funds under the iShares programme, concerning the iShares operational processes and the fund documentation for the iShares.

The fund is designed to offer investors a long term return by tracking closely the performance of (i) the MSCI World Islamic Index, (ii) the MSCI Emerging Markets Index and (iii) the MSCI USA Islamic Index, by investing in a portfolio of Shariah compliant equities that mirrors the component constituents of the relevant index. Unlike conventional MSCI Indices, the Shariah-compliant iShares have a higher exposure to the energy, materials and technology sectors than to the financial sector. The product was subsequently launched on the London Stock Exchange.